Kannada actor Sudeep, wife Priya file for divorce after 14 years of marriage

Kannada actor Sudeep, also known as Namma Kichcha Sudeep has filed for divorce from wife of 14 years Priya Radhakrishnan. The couple has filed for divorce on mutual consent. They have been married for 14 years and had a daughter of 11 years. It is learnt that Sudeep has given the power of attorney to his sister to appear in the family court in Bengaluru on his behalf. Sudeep has agreed to pay a compensation of Rs 19 crores to his wife.

The couple decided to separate due to incompatibility and other issues, it is said. Sudeep and Priya filed for divorce in the family court on Friday.

Rumors afloat about Sudeep's illegal affair with a Kannada heroine. Sudeep and Priya got married in 2001. When contacted by media persons Sudeep reportedly said, “It is my personal problem. Everyone has a problem.  I can’t comment on it. Please don’t blow it out of proportion,’’ Sudeep said.

Sudeep also shared the news on Twitter-

#Things go right n things go wrong..tats life..it's a time I need fr myslf n my family..All i ask for at this moment is a time for myslf

#I understand th concern n curiosity..All i can say is we all are here to teach as well learn..I'm happy about th support n luv tats comin in

#Spoke to as many channels n press as possible cz I dont wish to hide or run away.. as for those to whom I cldnt spk to...apologies..

#Tnx fr all th support,wshs n luv..tats all my family needs nw..Every tweet means a lot.. tnx for being understanding n fr th support.

Priya will have the custody of their daughter Saanvi.