Kamal Rashid Khan threatens to commit suicide

Self-proclaimed critic and bad-mouthed Kamal Rashid Khan was expelled from the social media account Twitter and he frequently posted unpleasant comments about celebrities. But now he threatens to commit suicide if his Twitter account is not restored.

Frustrated to have cut socially from the outer world, the drama king went ahead and put a letter on his other official Twitter account, KRK Box-Office threatening to commit suicide if Twitter doesn't reinstate.

Funnily, when KRK was trolled for the press release, he soon deleted the tweets even from KRK Box-Office account.

Kamal Rashid Khan directed the letter to @Twitterindia and the staff members, Mahima Kaul, Viral Jani, Taranjeet Singh. In the letter, he asked them to restore his account within 15 days. He wrote that if they did not reinstate his account soon he will commit suicide and they will be held responsible for his death.
kamal rashid khan