Kamal Rashid Khan takes a dig at SRK

Kamal Rashid Khan who is known for his controversial remarks took a dig at Shahrukh Khan. He passed derogatory remarks about Shahrukh Khan’s dancing skill. He said that Shahrukh Khan is a bad dancer.

Kamaal commented badly about Shahrukh's item number Chammak Challo rendered by Akon. Kamaal Khan tweeted, “ Just because it has been sung by Akon in Shahrukh Khan's Ra.One, doesn't make it a great song, despite all the hype created around it. But then, it's my personal view, although now I'm noticing quite a few people playing this song. Well, to each it's own!”

Kamaal doesn’t stop here, the actor goes on to say, “Everybody knows that Shahrukh Khan is a bad dancer, but in Chammak Challo, his steps are the worst till date! He looks so awkward and uncomfortable. I wonder, what made him do that at this age.”