Kamal Rashid Khan reveals his mother wanted to poison him

 Self-proclaimed critic and filmmaker Kamal Rashid Khan has made a shocking revelation on the occasion of Mother’s Day. Kamal shouted from the roof top that his mother once wanted to give him poison.

Kamal shared a picture of him with his mom and wrote: Wish you very happy #MothersDay Mom! Once upon a time, you wanted to give poison but today you are proud of me. (sic)"

Explaining his controversial tweet, Kamal said that actually fed-up of her son’s obsession for movies, his mother wanted to poison him.

He tweeted# My mother was angry with me for watching films so she thought dat I will destroy the reputation of family hence she wanted to give me poison

#According my parents I was worst child of them out of 6 coz I was going to school instead of doing farming n watching films with my friends.

Kamal Rashid Khan also said that his mother wanted him to marry his cousin sister as the age of 15.

He further tweeted# I could hav been best son of my mother if I didn't go to school but got married with my cousin sister at the age of 15 n becom a good farmer

He also wrote# My brothers were good for my parents coz they never asked to go to school, got married at the age of 12 n became good farmers like father

Hailing his grandfather Kamal Rashid Khan said, #My grandfather did send me to school who loved me too much n my father thought that he was spoiling my life.https://twitter.com/sumitasarkar18/status/863604016454008832 …

#My teachers n colleagues can never forget me because I was always the topper in my class, school n college. And today my children are same.

He remembers his last day in college. He wrote# KLDAV college Roorkee was my last den before to run away to Bombay with dreams to become a super star n finally today KRK is the super star.

Kamal Rashid Khan is known for posting unpleasant remark about Bollywood celebrities.
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