Kamal R Khan apologizes to Mohanlal for calling him ‘Chotta Bheem’

Controversial figure Kamal Rashid Khan apologized to southern superstar Mohanlal for calling him ‘Chotta Bheem’. Few days ago, Kamaal Rashid Khan, popularly called KRK was trolled for taking outrageous jibes at Malayali superstar Mohanlal. The self-proclaimed actor, filmmaker and film critic took digs at the superstar after reports floated that Mohanlal will play the role of Bheem in mega budget film ‘Randamoozham’, a retelling of the Mahabharata from Bheem’s perspective.   

KRK first called the 56-year-old actor “Chota Bheem” (a popular cartoon character) and tweeted, “Sir @Mohanlal you look like Chota Bheem so then how will u play role of Bheem in Mahabharata? Why do you want to waste money of B R shetty?”

Fans of the superstar came charging at KRK and slammed saying that he was not even worthy of taking Mohanlal’s name. Some even said they were unaware of KRK’s existence till his tweets.

"@ kamaalrkhan Before Your Comment about Mohan Lal, We Malayalees didnt even Know Your Name. You should thank Mohanlal for making you famous in South India,” tweeted a user, while another wrote, "@ kamaalrkhan You are an actor of Bollywoood?? Today somebody told me, But i never seen this #Buffoon in Bollywood film.” Yet another tweeted, “Who is this person called KRK? Where was he before? Never heard of him before. Was he watching Chotta Bheem & eating lollipops at his home?”

One person even asked the self-styled film-critic to criticize his father for giving him birth. "@ kamaalrkhan 3 Films in 10+ year shows how awesome actor you are.. If you are a good criticizer you should have criticized your father for giving birth,” read a tweet.

Many blasted KRK by tweeting in their regional language leaving the ‘Deshdrohi’ actor baffled, who said that he couldn’t understand why the ‘Malayali people’ were abusing him. He called them ‘idiots’ while calling himself bigger star.

KRK wrote, “Can't understand why Malayali ppl r abusing me since morning? M I wrong abut Mohanlal who is not equal 2Hathiyar of Bheem n wants 2play him?...

“So if I called you Chota Bheem what you are really, then why are ur fans abusing me since morning? It's not fair sir.”

“U idiot fans of @Mohanlal Aka Laalten Aka Chota Bheem, he has 1.7million follower n I have 3.7million. Calculate to know who is bigger star.”

The thick-skinned KRK wasn’t at all bothered with the spate of angry tweets directed at him and went on to call Mohanlal a ‘joker’. He posted a picture of the ‘Drishyam’ actor and wrote, “People pls see this Chota Bheem. It will be a biggest insult of Bheem if this joker plays role of greatest Bheem.”

Further, he suggest a ‘dream cast’ for the upcoming film suggesting his own name for the role of Lord Krishna and ‘Baahubali’ stars Prabhas and Rana Daggubati as Bheem and Duryodhan.

KRK wrote, “I would love to play Role of Krishna in #Mahabharata because he was also from Mathura UP like I am from UP… Starcast of #Mahabharatha- Prabhas- Bheem, Rana- Duryodhan, Aamir- Arjun, SRK-Karan, Ranbir-Abhimanyu, Salman-Eklavya, Deepika-Dropadi!”