Kamal Haasan moves to court against ‘Vishwaroopam’ ban

Things have not been going on too well for actor- filmmaker Kamal Haasan as his film ‘Vishwaroopam’ has been banned by the government of Tamil Nadu. As this film is based on terrorism, certain protestors have issued a statement saying it afflicts the sentiments of the Muslim community. Kamal Haasan has thus announced that he will take recourse to law and that ‘such cultural terrorism’ needs to stop.

Kamal Haasan has been greatly hurt by the ban on the screening of his film. He said, “I have been ruthlessly used as a vehicle by small groups who seek political profile. Icon bashing is a great way to be noticed when you are not one yourself. It is happening again and again. Any neutral and patriotic Muslim will surely feel pride on seeing my film. It was designed for that purpose.”

The actor had held the screening of his film for his Muslim brothers. He got overwhelmed by the positive response he received from them for his movie. But he has also got ‘appalled’ by the way his film was “construed to be against my Muslim brothers.”

He also said, “I am not only hurt by these accusations of denigrating a community but my sensibilities are truly insulted. Now I will rely on law and logic to come to our support. This kind of cultural terrorism will have to stop.”

He also thanked his well- wishers who lent their support to him through the internet. He said, “I have always gone beyond the call of my duty as an actor to voice my opinion in favor of what was humane and civil. I have been part of an organization called Harmony India which worked for Hindu-Muslim amity.”

The government of Tamil Nadu last night requested the district administrations throughout the state to beseech substantial legal provisions to prohibit the screening of this film for at least two weeks, only to maintain peace and order.

This ban was invoked when numerous Muslim outfits objected to the screening of “Vishwaroopam”. They claimed that the Muslim community had been portrayed in negative light.

The film “Vishwaroopam” was supposed to get released tomorrow. Earlier on as well, the film had been surrounded with controversy. Kamal Haasan had wanted to release the film on DTH platforms before its release in the theatres. The screen-owners had then united against his stand and this had stirred enough argument.