Kamal Haasan states 'Freedom of expression was intact'

As finally the dusts of controversies settle around the movie ‘Vishwaroopam’, Kamal Haasan is a visibly relieved man. The movie was banned by the Tamil Nadu government on the context that the movie contained certain scenes which would hurt the sentiments of the Muslim community. 

What followed the ban was complete mayhem. The actor responded to the ban with a court against the Tamil Nadu government. The film fraternity and the media completely supported the actor against his lonely fight against this bureaucratic attack on freedom of expression. Specially, the movie was cleared by the censor board and released all over India without any hitch; it was only in Tamil Nadu where it faced such a problem.

Kamal Haasan was under huge financial pressure as he was the producer of the whooping INR 95 crore budgeted film. The actor claimed that he stands to lose his house to pay the loss his film is incurring due to the loss and he would leave Tamil Nadu and resettle in a place which is truly secular.

Among all the hues and cries, the chief minister of Tamil Nadu stepped in and Jayalalithaa arranged for a dialogue between the representatives of Muslim community and the actor. In the meeting the actor agreed to mute few of the dialogues in the movie. Following the successful meeting, the TN government removed the ban on the film. A happy Kamal Haasan stated that his 'Freedom of expression was intact'.

The fans were also anxious to catch the movie of their favorite hero. ‘Vishwaroopam’ opened to packed houses on 7th Feb 2013. The fans garlanded the posters of the actor and poured milk on them. It is reported that few of the movie halls started showing the movie from 6 am in the morning, to meet the viewer’s demand.

An elated Kamal Hassan expressed himself with the words, "Thank you India. Thank You Tamil Nadu. See to it that artistes like me don't get into trouble again." He also thankfully recalled the help extended by the chief minister Jaylalitha to resolve the issue. Jayalalithaa has earlier stated that she doesn’t watch any more films. Reffering to it, a smiling Kamal Haasan told the reporters that "I like her to see the film. Now she is a Chief Minister. But she is (also) a peer and senior. I very much like her to watch my film and hope she breaks her vow of not watching movies."