Kal Ho Naa Ho Collectors Double DVD Pack Review

<a href='//www.bollywoodmantra.com/movie/kal-ho-na-ho/' title='Kal Ho Na Ho' class='' data-id='kal-ho-na-ho' id='article_tag_data_kal-ho-na-ho' style='display: inline-block;'><strong>Kal Ho Na Ho</strong></a>Ok, so we have all watched Kal Ho Na Ho. And we all have enjoyed it too. But now Yash Raj Films give you one more reason to watch the film again. They have come up with a ‘Collector’s Edition’ DVD pack of the film, the features of which are as follows:...
...Digitally re-mastered from the original film
5.1 Dolby Digital Sound
Option of English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Malay and Dutch subtitles.
Apart from the 188-minute full-length movie on Disc 1 it comes with an additional disc.
The special aspect of the DVD pack is that it has something more to offer than what you have already seen in the cinema hall.
This disc 2 comprises of 35 minutes of never-seen-before scenes that were deleted from the theatrical version, with an option of director's commentary.
A 23-minute behind the scenes look with the theatrical and television promos are also added.

The first of the deleted scenes is the originally planned beginning of Kal Ho Naa Ho and starts from where the original movie ended. The camera rolls over a decorated Xmas tree, a table arranged for a candlelit dinner and moves outside the window where Naina and Jaya are sitting on the park bench (the last scene of the original version). The common aspect in both the versions is that both start with a prologue by Naina (Preity Zinta), going into the flashback mode with the instrumental of the title song being played in the background. However, this is not Naina Catherine Kapur but Naina Rohit. But it seemed sensible on the director’s part to stick to the actual start as the alternative opening would have made the ending a bit more obvious.

The second scene introduces 2 characters who were totally deleted from the theatrical version. Ironically these 2 characters constitute a major part of the deleted scenes. Salma (Zohra Sehgal) is a Pakistani and Gayatri (Achala Sachdev) is a Hindustani senior citizen of the community center where Naina used to read Indian newspapers. Although the other Pakistanis and Indians at the center get along quite well, these 2 ladies constantly quarrel over the silly issues. As Naina starts reading the newspaper, the elders put on their glasses (despite the fact that they won’t be reading) and listen like school kids attending a primary lecture. Naina reads a news headline of Dilip Kumar getting the Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award. To this, both the ladies start once again claiming how Yusuf saab (Dilip Kumar) represented their individual countries with his birthplace being Peshawar (Pakistan) and workplace being Bombay (India). Meanwhile another lady gets up stating a filmstar with a lamba-chaudha name is making news currently. The filmstar is Amitabh Bachchan.

Apart from some other small added intercuts, the noteworthy ones are when Naina dances in the community center classroom with the senior citizens as an additional portion of the “Kuch To Hua Hai” song.

Also an alternate scene was worked out for the crucial pre-climax scene where Naina comes to know about the “Chey Din, Ladki In” formula. Over here, after Naina leaves Rohit’s place, she goes to the community center and is in a bad mood. The seniors unassumingly play a prank on her to which she retaliates. Just then Aman arrives with Rohit and starts reading Rohit’s diary (in the film he read that out in the mall). On listening to Aman’s words, Salma and Gayatri for the first time, share a same opinion on Rohit’s true love for Naina. The scene also culminates with their friendship.

Then there is a sublime emotional scene where Jenny (Jaya Bachchan) comes to know about Aman’s health (before the hospital scene in the climax).

Finally there are some added portions to the sad version of the title song.