Kaka’s live-in partner Anita to attend his chautha

Anita Advani who has send legal notice to the Khanna family for property share soon after the death of the superstar Rajesh Khanna said that she will present at the chautha of the superstar for sure. She was deeply hurt when Rajesh Khanna’s son-in-law and Akshay Kumar did not allow her to board the van which took the actor from his residence to the crematorium. But she assured that she will surely attend his chautha.

Anita and Rajesh Khanna were in a live-in relationship for eight years. Anita Advani, the niece of the former president of the Philippines, Ferdinand Emmanuel Edralin Marcos and his wife Imelda Marcos is highly depressed with Kaka’s death according to her family member.

Her family is very concerned about her health. "Anitaji is not keeping well at all. She cries the entire day. She is not even having food or water; she only keeps on chanting God's name. Right now, she is staying with her sister in Grant Road and her family members feel whatever is happening with her, she didn't deserve it," a member from Anita's family told.

Years back Rajesh Khanna said he's very fond of Anita, but she's just a friend: "Anita and I have been known to each other for 32 years. She was in school then. We are just friends. She is a lovely person. I am very fond of her. But we haven't reached the stage of love."

Anita at that time said: "It's a very special, sacred relationship and I truly relish it. Unlike a normal relationship, there are no demands and expectations. This is much deeper."