Kajol to lift up sister Tanisha’s career

Tanisha Mukherjee who debuted with ‘Ssssh’ could not make any big move in the film industry. Sister of one of the most talented actresses of Bollywood, Kajol, Tanisha failed to firm her foothold in the competitive world of filmdom. She created little ripple when she starred in Yash Raj ‘Neal N Nikki’ but her career soon took an upside down turn. On looking at Tanisha’s awful condition, Kajol and mother Tanuja comes to her rescue. Kajol is taking all the responsibility to shape up Tanisha’s career.

Kajol is playing the perfect mentor and looking for the right script to re-launch her sister. Tanisha is happy that her successful sister is taking care of her career and helping her in choosing the right script.   

Recently, in an interview Tanisha, revealed, “Recently, I was misled and when my mom and sister Kadz saw the difficulties I was facing, they became over protective.” She further added, "a family decided that all my projects and any steps that I take in my career will have the benefit of their guidance and experience.”

Tanisha said that she could not have asked for a better mentor than Kajol as “she has been around much longer and understands industry better.”

Let’s see how much Tanisha can do with Kajol’s guidance.