Kajol pregnant, Ajay takes care of daughter Nysa

Due to hectic schedule, Ajay Degvan could not prove himself a doting father but now he has found out time to show Kajol that he can very well take care of Nysa. Kajol is seven months pregnant and Ajay is taking all the responsibilities of Nysa. Earlier Kajol single-handedly looked after Nysa’s affairs like attending school meetings, accompanying her to swimming classes but now Ajay who is basking in joy with the success of ‘Rajneeti’ is looking into some affairs of Nysa. Recently, papa and the daughter headed for 10 day vacation minus Kajol.

Kajol and Ajay know very well that post delivery they will be very busy and so they need to give every attention to their daughter. And moreover, Ajay gets an opportunity to show Kajol that he is also a capable father as Kajol always complains him about not finding spare time to spend with Nysa

Ajay quips, “I have close friends in Frisco. Nysa has her school vacations and I need to spend quality time with her”. Since Kajol is expecting their second child, he has arranged his schedule in such a way that he need not have to move out of the city and readily available to Kajol at the crucial time. At a  stretch, he will shoot 45 days for Madhur Bhandarkar’s 'Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Ji' in a studio that is just a 20-minute drive from his bungalow.