Kajol and Ajay together again in Rajkumar Santoshi’s film Ramayan

Post marriage and her baby Kajol has made a great comeback with her film Fanaa. However the actress is still not signing any and every project that comes her way. She will be doing selected films as she wants to spend maximum time with her daughter. But now Kajol has agreed to do Rajkumar Santoshi’s high end budget film Ramayan opposite husband Ajay Devgan. This will be Kajol and Ajay’s first film post the birth of their daughter. Ajay will play Ram in the film while Kajol will enact the role of Sita.
Ramayan will have an extremely high budget of around Rs 90 crores and will be produced by K Sera Sera Productions. Kajol and Ajay were last seen together on-screen in the film Raju Chacha in 2000, unfortunately though the film did not do too well at the box-office. Rajkumar Santoshi and Ajay share an extremely close relationship with each other and have done several films together like Khakee, Lajja and The Legend of Bhagat Singh. This is the first time that Santoshi will be working with Kajol. The Ramayan is a religious epic and had a huge following when it was aired as a television serial some years ago. However it will be interesting to see Santoshi’s adaptation of the epic according to today’s modern times.

The Ramayana was first written by poet Valmiki in Sanskrit and he has depicted the life of Ram in seven stages, the boyhood life of Ram, Ram’s life in Ayodhya until his banishment, Ram’s life in the forest and Sita’s abduction by Ravana, Ram’s stay at Kishkindha, Ram’s passage to Sri Lanka, Ram’s battle with Ravana the recovery of Sita and his return to Ayodhya and finally Ram’s life in Ayodhya as King the birth of his two sons the test of Sita’s innocence and her return to her mother and the demise of Rama. Which of these sections Santoshi plans on elaborating remains to be seen. Only the roles of Ram and Sita have been finalized however the rest of the cast still needs to be decided. The film will be produced in two languages.

So not only will Kajol be enacting the coveted role of Sita in the film but she will also get to spend some quality time with husband Ajay. Kajol has not signed any other films. Ajay will be seen in Santoshi’s Halla Bol and he will also be doing London Dreams . He is currently shooting for Cash in Cape Town and will also be seen in Ramgopal Varma’s remake of Sholay.