Kajol-Ajay name their son Yug

Kajol and Ajay Devgan are very ecstatic with the arrival of their son. They welcomed their new born and named him Yug which means ‘life’ or ‘being’. On 13th September, Kajol gave birth to Yug at Lilavati hospital in Mumbai. They named their seven yr daughter Nysa after the goddess of beauty in Greek mythology.

Like many well known personalities, it is reported that Kajol has also stored her umbilical cord blood and cord tissue with a Chennai-based 'cord blood bank' Life Cell International. It can treat injuries including spinal cord, stroke, and cartilage damage.

Kajol and Ajay Devgan’s family welcomed the new member. After the child birth, Kajol’s mother Tanuja performed a special ‘Havan’ for Kajol and the new baby. Both of them are doing fine. Now, the biggest question that is doing round the film circle is whether Kajol will return to film or not. Speculation is high that she will bid goodbye to cinema.

If we remember, after her first baby, Kajol made comeback with ‘Fanaa’.