Kabir Bedi marries live-in partner Parveen Dusanj

Veteran actor Kabir Bedi (70) entered into wedlock with his live-in partner Parveen Dusanj (41) on his 70th birthday in the attendance of close friends and relatives. The wedding took place on Friday (January 15) in an intimate ceremony in Alibaug. The couple was together for the past 10 years.

It was already reported that Kabir Bedi will break the big  news of his fourth marriage on his 70th birthday Jan 16 and he has exactly done the same.

An insider reveals, “The invitation was sent for Kabir’s birthday party in Mumbai. His family and friends from Bengaluru, Boston (USA), London (UK), Dubai (UAE), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Europe flew in. The card read, ‘Kabir Bedi and Parveen Dusanj invite you to Kabir’s birthday, and come early for the Sufi performance.’ The idea was that after hearing a soulful Sufi recital, Kabir and Parveen would make the surprise announcement.”

Interestingly, the guests were invited a day before his birthday to enjoy the Sufi performance and they were taken aback to see the marriage arrangement.

“Parveen and I have been together for more than 10 years. The timing of the marriage at this time was really Parveen’s decision. I had proposed to her on Rome’s historic Spanish Steps six years ago on a bended knee. She agreed, but kept me in suspense as to when [we would tie the knot]. As friends and family were flying in from all over the world for my birthday, Parveen felt this was the best time to get married. So it all happened very suddenly. We had a magically beautiful intimate ceremony in Alibaug. Only members of both families, and a few close friends were present. It was held amid palms, on the lawns of a beautiful beach-front home that belongs to Dipak and Sohni Tanna, who is my niece. It was a traditional ceremony preceded by blessings at the gurdwara,” says Kabir, speaking exclusively to HT Café.

Parveen says she wanted her marriage to be a private and intimate affair. “…and that’s exactly what it was. We kept it a secret, and planned to make a surprise announcement on Kabir’s birthday, where all friends and loved ones were gathering. Keeping it a secret added to the fun. Friends who came to Alibaug thought they were coming for a pre-birthday dinner. It’s been several days of joyous celebrations and partying. These are very happy days for us,” she says.

Bedi walked the red carpet with Parveen Dusanj on his birthday and said, "Welcome to my annual 70th birthday I have always said anybody in this business who survives 25 years or more deserves an Oscar for survival so I am an Oscocanadian in that sense," Bedi told reporters during the birthday celebration.

On Thursday, the couple had visited the Gurudwara to seek blessings. In his thanking speech Kabir Bedi said, "I wish to thank every single person who has loved me, wished me, supported me and wanted the best for me. I hope I live up to their expectation and believe me the best is yet to come”.
kabir bedi
kabir bedi
kabir bedi