Kabir Bedi all set to marry live-in partner Parveen Dusanj

Veteran actor Kabir Bedi will turn 70 on January 16. The actor is planning to throw a lavish bash at a suburban hotel in Bandra and sent invitation to family, fraternity and even school friends. A Sufi singer will fly from Delhi to entertain the guests. Speculation is also high that Kabir Bedi will make the big announcement of his fourth marriage on his 70th birthday.

According to the latest buzz, high spirited and still young at heart Kabir Bedi is planning to get hitched soon with his live-in partner Parveen Dusanj secretly and make the announcement on his birthday.

"Hahaha, that's just a rumour but I'm sure the marriage will happen one day soon," he smiles.

Kabir Bedi is a lucky man to find love both in East and West. He was married thrice before, his wifey list includes Protima Bedi, Susan Humphreys and Nikki Bedi. After he divorced Nikki in 2005, he started dating British-born Parveen Dusanj who is 29 years younger than him.

The couple has been together for nine years and Parveen is almost like his wife.  

When probed about New Year resolution, Kabir Bedi said, "I have made no resolutions, none at all. I simply make decisions and stick by them."

The actor re-launched his Italian TV mini-series, 'Sandokan'. "'Sandokan' led to Hollywood and opened the doors in the West to me. It always brings back many wonderful memories and I'm delighted it's now available online and on e-commerce sites," he says.

The actor will be next seen playing a villain in Ashutosh Gowariker's period love story, 'Mohenjo Daro'. He plays the female lead Pooja Hegde's father, who is responsible for the early death of Hrithik Roshan's father. "Working with Hrithik is special. He is an actor who has grown with every film. I want to chart new horizons too and would love to do a sci-fi next, since that's the only genre I haven't touched yet," he muses.