Bigg Boss 6: Jyoti Amge joins Aashka and Nirahua

Bigg Boss season 6 has been cleverly choosing its contestants to avoid any sort of ugly fights in this season as this time the show has been given the tag-line “Alag che”. By that they meant the show will be different, devoid of mud-slinging and verbal abuses, and will suit an entire family to watch it together.

The contestants this year have all been a little mellow compared to the previous contestants. There have been fights in this house but they have not matched the levels of the fights that have happened before in the show.

The show is in the phase of introducing wild card entries. It all started with Imam Siddique, who became a wrong choice for the show. He had a verbal spat with Aashka, who has been kept in the “naye padosi” mud house. Imam lost his cool and got her and Nirahua locked up inside the room and broke down the property of the house. When things got out of hand the crew had to intervene. Imam misbehaved with them as well which resulted in him being thrown out of the house.

With his exit there have been other contestants who have been brought into the house to fill in the gap, one of them being Jyoti Amge.

Jyoti, who belongs to Nagpur, made herself known by entering the Guinness World Records. She holds a record for being the ‘shortest woman’ in the entire world.

She has now chosen to enter the lives of the Indian audience through the reality show “Bigg Boss” Season 6. She is a wild card entrant and has entered the “naye padosi” gang of Aashka and Nirahua.

Before she entered the house she had been interviewed. She was asked why she took up this opportunity to which she said “I’m really excited because I will be able to showcase my skills on TV. I want to show the world that size doesn’t matter and a person like me can also stay happily with the so-called normal size people as a part of one large happy family.”

When she was asked if she has strategized her moves for the house to evade nominations she said, ”I’ve decided that I will not play dirty games to stay in the reckoning. I’m going in the Bigg Boss’ house to entertain and make the inmates and viewers happy. And I will not scheme, plot or resort to meanness to surge ahead in the show.”