Juhu Rave Party: TV actress Shilpa Agnihotri consumed drugs

The second phase of medical report has come and TV actress Shilpa Agnihotri has been found guilty of consuming drugs at Mumbai Juhu rave party. "Actress Shilpa Agnihotri's blood report suggests she consumed drugs," a police officer said, refusing to name the drug.

When Shilpa with her husband Apoorva Agnihotri was arrested in a police raid from Juhu rave party on May 20th, the next day she called a press conference and said that they were innocent and that they least had the idea that it was a rave party. She added that she and Apoorva went there to celebrate their friend birthday party.

The police informed that 86 out of 90 people, who attended the sundown party at Oakwood Premier Hotel in Juhu in May 20, were tested positive for drugs.

Along with Shilpa and Apoorva Agnihotri, the others who was tested positive are two IPL players - Wayne Parnell from South Africa and Rahul Sharma, Anshuman Jha, Parth Sharma, Amit Gaur, famous fashion designer Rocky S, cricketer Bishan Singh Bedi's son Angad Bedi, celebrities Rahul Dahia, Kartik Jobanputra, DJ brothers Dipesh Sharma and Rakesh Sharma and the hotel director Vishay Handa.

"Those tested negative include two males, identified as Amrit Sagar, grandson of Ramanand Sagar, director of television serial 'Ramayan' and Rahul Sughand," the police officer said.

Out of 90, 86 had consumed cannabis, cocaine or MDMA (better known as ecstasy, a drug usually taken in a pill form) or all three, the police said.