Juhi Chawla laughs at Priyanka's tiny blouse

Juhi Chawla usually remains very silent and doesn’t comment badly about anybody. But the hoarding of Screen Awards could not stop Juhi Chawla to pass a remark on Priyanka Chopra who sported a small blouse during one of her performances at Colors Screen Awards.

She tweeted after looking at the hoarding, “Driving to Juhu now... on the way is a huge Screen awards hoarding ... with a pouting Priyanka... in the tiniest of blouses ... please someone tell why does a respected Screen award for excellence in cinema need such a marketing gimmick???”

Priyanka Chopra might not be pleased to hear the derogatory remark of Juhi. Priyanka and Juhi are not linked to each other from any angle. But they share someone in common. They are both favorite of a single star and he is Shahrukh Khan.  

Juhi shares a great rapport with Shahrukh and she is also his business partner while Priyanka is recently rumored to have an affair with Shahrukh.