Journalist ‘pushed’ by Rishi Kapoor speaks up

Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor had come under fire for allegedly ‘manhandling’ the crowd and ‘hitting’ a journalist during Ganesh visarjan last week. A video clip of the ‘incident’ showing Rishi Kapoor and his brother Randhir ‘misbehaving’ had gone viral on the internet.

Rishi Kapoor strongly denied that he had hit anyone and expressed his displeasure that the media did not even try know their side of the story, before making it such a big issue. Now, the journalist, who is also seen in the video captured during the Ganpati visarjan at RK Studios, has spoken on the issue.

Surprisingly, the journalist says that he was not pushed or hit, but in fact tripped over his camera wire which got entangled in his foot. A report in DNA identified the journalist as Sumit Sharma from India TV.

Sumit explained what actually happened that day saying, “I was going towards Ranbir with my cameraman to take his byte, but he sat in the car and left. The camera wire got stuck in my foot and I fell down on my own. The video has been cleverly edited because Ranbir never pushed or hit me. In fact, no one checked with me before carrying that video.”

“I have no malice against Rishiji, Randhirji or Ranbir. There were a lot of us walk around close to Rishiji and he didn’t ask us to move aside or push us… I was there during the whole Ganpati procession that day… Given all the practical conditions – the heavy rains, the crowd going berserk, the Kapoor family did not target or misbehave with any media persons," the newsman said, as per the report.