Jokes on Alia Bhatt goes viral on Internet

If it is asked that what is common between Alok Nath and Alia Bhatt, many will scratch their heads in search of an answer. But the answer lies near us in social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Just like Alok Nath jokes few months ago, Alia Bhatt has become the subject of internet jokes and memes that have gone viral. This outbreak of jokes was triggered by Bhatt’s appearance in the popular TV show ‘Koffee with Karan’ where she gave a preposterous answer to a question by the host. During the question and answer segment of the show, the host Karan Johar asked Alia who was the president of India. Instead of Pranab Mukherjee she answered Prithviraj Chavan (Chief Minister of Maharashtra).

After being corrected she explained that since both names started with the initial ‘P’, she got confused. It seems that people have taken note of her lack of general knowledge. She now has a page in Facebook named after her, called ‘Alia Bhatt trolls’ that is intended to make people laugh at her expense. It has over 3 lakh likes at present.  It must be a bit sad for Alia as her last two movies did well but she is getting more publicity for her faux pas. Therefore until this ‘Alia’ wave slows down, laugh some more. Here are some tickling jokes that capture this ongoing phenomenon:

1)      Alia Bhatt: Oriental Bank of Commerce is okay but what about Arts and Science?

 2)     KJo: What was the name of Dashrath's father?

         Alia: Simple Bees (20)rath, koi tough question poocho.

3)     Hey Alia what is the opposite of IIT?

         Alia: U U coffee.

4)     Interviewer: Who is the national animal of India?

         Alia Bhatt: Tiger Shroff.

5)     Question: What is the Capital of India?

         Alia: I

6)     Alia Bhatt at a press conference

Alia: As a child I was always fond of tall buildings

Journalist: Can you name some famous builders?

Alia Bhatt: Bob the Builder

After her (in) famous appearance at the show, she appeared in another episode alongside Parineeti Chopra.  This time too her performance did not help her position much.  While Parineeti quickly gave answers to easy questions like the full form of BJP, Bhatt looked totally clueless. Though celebs are known to enjoy any sort of publicity, no one knows actually how Alia is taking all this. Her admirers can only hope, next time her films become the talking point.