'Joker' turns to be a big disaster of Akshay's career

Much to the chagrin of its makers, ‘Joker’ seems to have tanked big-time. The movie which was made at a whooping sum of 50 crores, hasn’t earned much from the box office.

Till Saturday it has earned net 9.75 crores. On Friday it did a business of around rupees 5 crores. While Saturday accounted for 4.75 crores.  This has become Akshay Kumar’s worst opening in recent times. His last movie ‘Rowdy Rathore’ had earned more than 100 crores. As trade analyst Taran Adarsh has tweeted, “#Joker Friday numbers are poor in India and international markets. Amongst @akshaykumar’s lowest openers.”

In fact Shirish Kunder, director of the movie didn’t find any takers for his script. It was then that his wife Farah Khan along with actor Akshay Kumar decided to produce it. But ‘Joker’ has been termed as a joke by critics. May be Akshay saw it coming? He ‘alien’ated himself from the aliens of ‘Joker’. In the last few days he and Sonakshi Sinha were not even seen promoting the movie.

During the film’s promotion, Farah Khan had said , “‘Joker’ would make for a great family viewing at the theatres as elders wouldn’t have to worry about raunchy kisses and scintillating skin show popping every now and then in front of the kids.”

Now this is what Raja Sen of Rediff had to say, “Does ‘Joker’ hold up, then, as a children's film? Not a chance. It's clean, sure, bereft of swearing or innuendo (yet with a sultry item song) but it's also daft. The aliens aren't anything to write home about. The central conceit of the film is one of deceit, and -- after long and bewildering sections where tanks charge towards a forest, firing indiscriminately through frenzied photographers and villagers, and where Kumar suddenly understands Talpade's most inadequate sign-language -- Akshay eventually comes off as a rude jerk.”

Audiences are also not amused. Some are questioning, why did Shirish Kunder decide to direct a movie? Dharmesh who had just seen the movie blasted, “This Kunder guy people say is good at editing (I'll check out what movies he has edited)! If he is good there, he should do that ONLY. Leave directing to Farah and story writing to the writers only. Can't he think of a fresh story that he started a movie from where he left ‘Jaan-e-mann’. Even Akshay's name remains the same. ‘Jaan-e-mann’ was much better. Sweet and Simple. Do the world a favor, don't direct anymore! You have disgusted enough with ‘Teesmar Khan’ and ‘Joker’.” Well that quite sums it up.