Johnny Depp proposed marriage to Amber Heard

After a brief break-up, ‘The Pirates Of The Caribbean’ star Johnny Depp and model Amber Heard are back together. Rumor sparked that Depp and Amber has been living together and contemplating marriage.

The 49-year-old actor was heartbroken when his life partner Vanessa Paradis ended their long relationship in January to be with French model Marie de Villepin. After the separation, Johnny Depp moved on in life with Amber Heard. Both are said to be deeply in love and living together.

They display their romance in public at a Rolling Stones concert in Hollywood where the couple was seen holding hand in hand. The secret concert took place at the Echoplex club in Los Angeles and was attended by Owen Wilson, Bruce Willis and Gwen Stefani and few others.

Johnny introduced her to his two children.

“At first, Amber was a little apprehensive, because she didn’t want to be seen as the mistress,” a source close to the Pirates of the Caribbean star told “But Johnny won her over with his generosity and he was constantly giving her gifts.”

A source said: “Johnny’s told Amber he wants to marry her and have children after introducing her to his kids (by ex-partner Vanessa Paradis) Lily Rose and Jack.”

The source added: “He’s bought her another horse so the one he got her last year can breed.

“Johnny’s told her he is so in love with her that he wants to marry her one day.

“She’s smitten with him but won’t take any nonsense.

“She wants him to calm the late nights and whisky drinking before they plan a wedding.

“They’re going to stay with the kids at his house in Plan de la Tour in the south of France, so it’s full steam ahead again.”

Their relationship was an open secret and friends of Depp were not shocked to hear the news of their romance.

“Their relationship has been known to their pals for some time and really heated up recently,” a source told “It’s gone to the next level, if you like.”

When Amber was filming her latest indie flick, SYRUP, in New York late last year, she dropped on Depp’s set to meet him.