John wants a quiet wedding with Priya

The journey from modeling to filmdom has been long and incredible for John Abraham. Today, he is not only a successful actor but also a thriving producer. His film ‘Vicky Donar’ has kept the box office bell ringing for many days and it has received huge accolades from audience and rave reviews from critics. From the modeling days, young girl had a huge crush on John.

John is media’s favorite child. When he broke-up with his longtime girlfriend Bipasha Basu, the report was highly publicized but he preferred to keep mum on the issue and when he stepped out with his new girlfriend Priya Runchul, many raised eyebrows. Recently, the hunk declared his decision to get married to Priya and he also informed the media about his plan.

When he was asked about his impending wedding, John answered. "I am asking the same question. I am clear that I want to get married. Currently the challenge is to get the logistics of time right. But at the same time it's important to plan your life correctly. It is a special moment and one needs the time and respect to do it right. After all, you are not marrying yourself are you?"

Is it a grand wedding and reception for John and Priya, it was a big No for his side, the hunk replied,“It will be a very quiet thing. When I marry, nobody will know about it.”

“My dream wedding would be at home with just three to four friends and my parents. Without any disrespect, that big loud Bollywood kind of wedding is not our style at all. I am clear about the direction I want to take, personally and professionally. It`s not like I am shying away or anything,” he added.