John & Udita's 'Paap' uspets Bipasha

Bipasha Basu and John AbrahamIt could be the most sinful union ever. Bollywood sex siren Bipasha Basu hasn't taken kindly to boyfriend John Abraham getting down and dirty with Udita Goswami in 'Paap'...
...More than the passion play in Pooja Bhatt's film about a cloistered girl who slowly discovers her sexuality, Bipasha claims she has been hurt by her beau's apparent lack of honesty. According to the sultry actress, while she knew Abraham would romance newcomer Udita in 'Paap', she nevertheless expected the love scenes to be tame. It was a notion that was quickly dispelled at a private show on Thursday, the night before the film opened at cinema halls across the country.

"There's too much proximity between the two of them. Although the intimate moments are not as intense as what John and I shared in 'Jism', they are certainly not as innocent as John led me to believe. For example I had no idea that he and Udita would exchange so many kisses through the film. I haven't asked John why he lied to me; but that isn't change the fact he's committed a sin," she fumes.

Abraham has also broken an understanding wherein tinseltown's hottest pair promised each other not to get physical with any other co-star, insists Bipasha. While she religiously kept to her part of the deal, her lover clearly didn't.

The deception went further, says the Bengali bombshell. 'Paap' was shot at the same time as 'Aetbaar', Bipasha's own film with John and superstar Amitabh Bachchan. Her boyfriend kept her in the dark about what was transpiring between him and Udita even as he shuttled between the two locations.

With their love-hate relationship never far from stormy, Bipasha isn't telling if it will survive the present crisis. "I need to speak to John about the issue before I can say anything," is her ominous response.