I’m completely inspired by my mother, John

Bollywood hunk John Abraham holds his mother in high esteem. He is bit upset as his parents are not keeping in good health for quite sometime. Their pain gave birth in his heart to do something for the sick. 2007-08 was too hectic for him as simultaneously with work, he had to attend his sick parents. Now he is dreaming very big, to build up a hospital in Mumbai in his mom's honor.

Speaking about his plan, John said, “I’ve got this dream, this massive plan. Yes, I plan to start a hospital. It’s ambitious. I don’t have the finances to implement the plan. But I’ve the goodwill of the entire medical fraternity. I look at my mother’s face. And I see so much compassion love and selflessness. Why can’t our generation be as giving as our parents? The hospital is a dream. There’s nothing more satisfying in the world than healing. And if I can also make people smile I’ll feel fulfilled as a human being.”

The hospital will be John’s homage to his mom, “I’m completely inspired by my mother. She’s selfless, not only for me but to the rest of the world. To this day my parents aren’t materialistic. If I’m grounded it’s because of them. It could also be because I wear chappals.”