John Abraham smooches director’s wife Pakhi

Director Abbas Tyrewala has repeated the same which many directors have done in the past. He has made his wife Pakhi to kiss Bollywood hunk John Abraham in a film directed by him. The film titled ‘1-800-Love’ in which John Abraham will be seen kissing Abbas Tyrewala’s wife Pakhi Tyrewala. This intense love story has been penned by Pakhi herself. Pakhi had a severe crush with John during her college days and the story was written keeping the very love angle in mind.

Abbas commented about filming the kissing scene between his wife and John, "Pakhi and John share a tremendous chemistry on screen. And I'm glad! Imagine, if they looked incompatible or anything less than made for each other! What would have happened to my film?!"

Abbas and Pakhi seems to be very much professional on the set and they left behind their personal relationship at home, "The girl I was directing in the film was not my wife. She was the actress chosen because she suited the role." He candidly admits, "Initially I was a little apprehensive. But once the camera rolled Pakhi and I forgot our personal relationship." He himself filmed a kissing scene between his wife and his hero. Reasons John, "It is an intensely romantic film. And the kiss is an integral part of romance. But the film is very clean, sweet and innocent."

Wait to watch John kissing director’s wife!