John’s nudity lands him in trouble

John Abraham’s nude scene in ‘New York’ lands him in a legal hassle. City court has asked Delhi police to register a case against the actor for posing nude in a magazine from the film ‘New York’. C.M. Dua, who runs an NGO, took notice of the matter and lodged a FIR against the actor, publisher and the editor of the magazine.

Dua in his petition said, “The lascivious, prurient and obscene acts and photographs being published and shown by established members of society and publication house... tend to corrupt young minds, which is very dangerous and suicidal for the coming generation, if not taken care of.”

Dua’s eyes first fell on the magazine when it was lying down on the study table of his children and on looking at the nude photo of John, he was shocked. The photograph is from a scene in ‘New York’ when he was harassed by the American agencies after the 9/11 attack.

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