John’s birthday, release of two films, launch of his calendar in December

John Abraham is definitely a happy man as the month of December is turning out to be the best month of the year for him. Recently his film, Baabul released on 8th December and received good reviews. On 15th December his other film Kabul Express too opened to good reviews, John also recently launched a calendar with his exclusive pictures and he will be launching his own brand of clothing too this month. The actor is also working on a couple of films like No Smoking and Goal and he’s signed on another film Raaste. On the personal front John will also be celebrating his birthday on 17th December, so looks like December is turning out to be a fruitful month for the actor.
John recently launched the exclusive Zee Music 2007 calendar with pictures of himself for all 12 month of next year. The pictures have been shot in Goa by ace photographer Subi Samuel and features John’s hot and fit body. John says “It’s the first time that a single male actor is being featured in all twelve months in a calendar. I am feeling great because Subi Samuel, the photographer has done a marvelous job. He just let me be myself, with the result that the pictures are natural and realistic; I hope my fans like them too.” However shooting for the calendar was no piece of cake and John says “I was cut by blades of the grass while lying on my bare back, there is also a rock climbing shot; I got cuts on my legs while doing that shot.” Nonetheless John is excited about his calendar.

Currently John is also practicing football with international football choreographer Andy Ansah for his film Goal . The entire cast which includes girlfriend Bipasha Basu and even Arshad Warsi are busy attending football practice at 7.00 in the morning. John says “It feels good to get up early in the morning, I love football and just the thought of playing it makes me feel fresh.” John further adds “I am playing football after a long time, so it will take me some time to get back into the game. Coach Andy Ansah’s association with the film will certainly make a lot of difference.”

John is very proud of his film Kabul Express and says “when Kabir Khan first came to me with the script and said it would be shot in Kabul I said wow, this is an opportunity to go to a land that we have only seen on CNN and BBC, but maybe I would get a different perspective to what’s happening there once I go there and that’s exactly what happened. Kabul Express is a unique film and is close to my heart.” John found the experience of being in Kabul and the people of Kabul extremely nice, he says “Afghanis love Indians and Hindi movies a lot, there was a John Abraham hair cutting salon, John Abraham hairat, John Abraham photo studio etc. They have a strong affinity towards me as they believe I am a son of the soil, as my mother is Irani.”

John will also soon be seen in another film Raaste along with co-stars Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan which is based on car and bike racing. John will once again be seen riding a bike and he says “I am very excited about playing a racer.” John also celebrates his birthday on 17th December and says “I shall be working on my birthday, but will celebrate it with gusto if Kabul Express gets a good opening.” John’s other film Salaam-E-Ishq will be releasing in January next year, so it looks like the actor has his hands full.