John finally lands a hit with Dostana

John Abraham at Upper crust show 2008 inaugration


John Abraham is no doubt heaving a sigh of relief as he finally managed to clinch a hit with Dostana, obviously with John's recent continuous flops, it has been a blessing for the lad. John may have played a makebelief gay character in the film, but it was those rippling biceps and that peekaboo of his much acclaimed derriere that made him a hit, especially with the ladies. So what's next on the agenda for a hit John, a full fronal view..?

John Abraham inaugrating Upper crust show 2008


John recently innaugarated the Upper Crust show 2008. At the event he was dressed in his trademark casual style, a pair of denims and a shirt. Of course that chrming smile and his cute dimples sent many hearts fluttering. Despite not having too many hits to his credit, this lad still manges to charm one and all with his good looks and charming personality. Bips...hope your'e not feeling too insecure about your man!


John Abraham laughing at an event


John Abraham wants to keep churning out the hits and no wonder then that he signed on for a film opposite none other than Katrina Kaif, Salman's girlfriend. It is no secret in bollywood that John and Sallu don't get along. Earlier this animosity had extended to John and Katz too, but now it seem that the ice has finally been broken and the two are on friendly terms. Hey better watch out, you don't want to make Sallu mad, after all look what happened to Vivek Oberoi.


John Abraham in a blue shirt


John and his co-star Abhishek Bachchan of Dostana have also developed a camraderie while working together. John and Abhi are known to pull pranks on everyone around. While John's professional life has once again started to look up, it seems like John and Bipasha's relationship is going strong. Here's one couple that has still survived in bollywood...touchwood! And this despite their various link ups. Bravo to both John and Bips.

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