John feels Priyanka is hotter than Kareena

Post break-up, John Abraham became more daring in passing controversial statement. He doesn’t care whether his statement would have an adverse effect or not. His latest comment regarding Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra has created ripples. He commented that he thinks Priyanka is more hot than Kareena.

A source said, “John has recently drawn flak from Kareena`s fans after the actor rated Priyanka Chopra much higher in hot-quotient than Bebo. John thinks that Priyanka is the perfect embodiment of sexiness and style and the actor does not mince words while spelling it out.”

John has taken a sweet revenge from Kareena. If we recall, in a chat show, commenting about John Abraham’s acting, Bebo said that he is expressionless.

It is a past story but it seems John Abraham stills carrying Bebo’s word in his mind.

Let’s see how Kareena revert to John.