John discusses break-up with Deepika

John Abraham and Deepika Padukone for the first time sharing screen space in ‘Desiboyz’ and the duo brought the house on fire. They bonded over big time and their bonding has raised many eyebrows. They are currently shooting in London and spending lots of time together apart from shooting. They are two broken hearts and could understand each other very well. It is heard that John even speaks his heart out to Deepika and discussed his break-up with Bipasha Basu wth the actress.

They hang out together; go out for coffee, cracked jokes, discusses break-up. A source revealed, "John and Deepika have become really good friends. They are close to the extent that he even talked about his break up and the low phase in his life with her. Even though the London schedule is over, they are still in touch and are looking forward to working together again. Deepika not only lent him an ear, but also understood his situation and his need to keep it private."

DP gave tips to John on how to deal with a break up and move on in life,"She has emerged as a stronger person after her split with Ranbir and she could feel his pain. They both bonded on topics of relationship and heart break."