John declines role due to Kajol, Kareena

John Abraham is slowly and steadily progressing in his career and reaching at this stage he does not want to take any wrong decision that would again bring him to the same position from where has started. So John is signing every film with much thought and after careful study of his role. After serious consideration when he has found that he has nothing much to do in Karan Johar’s desi version Chris Columbus’ ‘Stepmom’, he opted out.

John feels when two leading ladies like Kajol and Kareena Kapoor are there, what he will do. They will grab all the limelight and he will be left unseen. Actually, John is the second option for the film, at first the role was offered to Saif Ali Khan and when Saif refused to play the lead hero opposite Kajol and Kareena, it went to John.

An industry insider revealed, “Karan had almost convinced John to do the role. He even promised that the husband’s role in the Indian ‘Stepmom’ would be far more substantial than what Ed Harris did in the original. But John is at a stage in his career where he wants to make all the right career moves. He feels as an outsider in the industry he has made a place that must be respected.”

Well, Karan has to hunt for another hero.