John clean bowled by Deepika’s beauty

John Abraham is truly impressed with Deepika Padukone. He is totally smitten by Deepika Padukone’s beauty and attitude. He has become an ardent fan of the actress. He complimented the way she carries herself. John feels that Dips is a perfect combination of beauty and brain and possess all the qualities to beat any Bollywood actresses.

The hunk will star opposite Dips in Rohit Dhawan’s ‘Desi Boys’. As john has showered all flowery comments over the ‘Om Shanti Om’ actress, he has given his girlfriend Bipasha Basu a reason to feel jealous. But we also now that Bips is not narrow minded to take John’s comments in the wrong sense.

John and Bips has spend several years together and the couple hardly left any room for doubts.

Well, Deepika might be overwhelmed with John’s admiration.