John, Bips avoid each other

John Abraham and Bipasha Basu had broken up their longtime relationship and avoid each other at events and functions. John makes sure that he never bumps into his ex in future and Bipasha also holds the same view. But destiny had stored something else for the two, finally on Tuesday John and Bips landed at the same place.

The duo always hit the same gym, usually they arrive at different time but on Tuesday, they arrived at the same time. When Bipasha stepped out of her car, John also came. They pretended as if they have not seen each other.

Says a source, "Both looked a little taken aback when they realized they'd both landed up at the same time at the gym. But they decided not to leave and instead finish their workout. They both have different trainers, so they managed to keep their distance from each other."

Unfortunately, they also left the gym at the same time. While Bipasha Basu quickly headed to his car, John Abraham had a conversation with the media.  

While Bipasha says, "No comments! Yes, it's my gym and I go there every day!" John says, "I am not aware of what you are talking about." Amnesia or selective memory? You are free to take your pick.