John Abrahan, wife Priya at Ambani’s niece's pre-wedding bash

John Abraham and his wife Priya Runchal was spotted at Mukesh and Nita Ambani’s niece pre-wedding party. John and Priya’s joint appearance at Mukesh and Nita Ambani’s niece Isheta’s pre-wedding party is a big slap for those who concluded that all is not well in John and Priya's paradise. The couple together took part in the celebration and looked very much in love. Priya looks stunning in white shimmering gown.

John and Priya’s marriage has always been under radar for their long distance relationship. Post marriage, they hardly spotted together and this gave the gossip mongers a bright chance to question their unison.

John once cleared the air about his troubled marriage, "I don't even feel like talking about this any longer. I mean, how long can I even continue clarifying things? Every other day, there is some rumour or the other. Let people say what they have to. I'm tired of repeating what I've already said. I'm tired of justifying things, telling people what is true and what is not."

John Abraham, who hardly talks about his personal life finally broke his silence and called the break-up as crap and baseless.

“It's all crap. I just want to dismiss all of these baseless rumours. Its release time, and people have no better work to do right now. I hope my words are more important than theirs, as far as my life is concerned. My film releases in a week. And I understand that we need to create stories right now, but this is so unnecessary. Let's just dismiss this. This is just not true. This is ridiculous. There is absolutely no truth to it. There's nothing wrong in my personal space, and I think that should be enough for all those who have been thinking otherwise”, he quips.

John Abraham secretly married to Priya Runchal in Los Angeles in 2012. He shared the good news with his fans via social media.