John Abraham's actress Leena arrested for cheating

It seems Bollywood has a unique ‘rishta’ with the prison. Of late this connection seems to be deepening even further. The police on the prowl finally took South Indian actress Leena Maria Paul into custody after being caught at the Ambience Mall in Vasant Kunj area of New Delhi. This 25 year old along with her close associate Balaji Chandrashekhar Reddy was found to be guilty of cheating a whole lot of people of money worth crores which also includes a bank.

Leena, who is a known face in Tamil and Malayalam films and has even been a part of a Hindi film named Madras Café that was produced by John Abraham, was caught along with her security personnel by the Delhi police while she was busy shopping for a party at home. Leena along with her live-in-partner Balaji had been residing in a lavish farm house in the Fatehpur area of the capital soon after they fled from Chennai. Although police could manage to grab Leena but her partner Balaji escaped in his Landcruiser.

According to sources, the duo have been cheating people in Chennai by taking close references of important political heads that included state chief ministers too. They even managed to cheat Canara bank who sanctioned a loan worth 19 crores to them; Balaji later fled with the money. Their frauds also include non-payment of rent worth a crore to their landlord in Bangalore.

After shifting their base in Delhi, the duo took this farmhouse for which they promised to pay around 4 lakhs of rent every month. While verification of their tenant papers was being done, the police laid hands on them with the assistance of their recent landlord Mohinder Singh.

Leena, who began her journey as a model in the industry, later took to films like Red Chillies with superstar Mohanlal, Husbands in Goa and Cobra. During interrogations by the police, it was also revealed that she hailed from Dubai and was infact a graduate of Dentistry from there. Besides a series of expensive cars like Audi and BMWs, the cops also found huge amounts of cash and expensive watches in their residence. 

While Balaji is still to be tracked by the police, Leena continues to be in judicial custody. Cops, jail barracks and criminals on the run --- these seem to be not only limited to the Bollywood screen only……Now they surely exist for real!