John Abraham weds Genelia D’Souza!

Don’t draw any wrong conclusion with the headline. Actually, John Abraham and Genelia D’souza almost got married not in real but in reel. The duo ended up tying the knot if a unit member does not interfere and stop the local maharaj from chanting anymore mantras. It all happened on the set of Vipul Shah’s ‘Force’ where John and Genelia was shooting a wedding sequence.

A source said, “We were shooting in Malshej Ghat and there was this old temple where we had got a local maharaj for the wedding sequence. Unfortunately the pandit has never witnessed a wedding and did not understand the concept of ‘cut’ and ‘action’ while shooting. It was a multi-camera set-up and so we needed to have minimum shots. However whenever Nishikant Kamath would say cut, the pandit would not stop. Finally after the sixth phera someone from the unit realized that the mantras were real and if not stopped John and Genelia would be actually married. So, they were stopped before the final round.”

When contacted the director of the film, Vipul Shah said, “Actually it was a funny thing. The local pandit could not understand the dynamics of the shoot and insisted on completing the pheras. After the sixth phera, everyone burst out laughing as they realized that they would actually be married. John and Genelia then realized this too and burst out laughing. However the maharaj kept insisting that they complete the pheras and it was difficult to explain to him that we cannot do this. We also did not want to hurt his sentiments and did not want to be disrespectful towards him. The good part was that the scene came out beautifully as John and Genelia were laughing and smiling, all thanks to the pandit.”

If the mantras somehow get completed then surely Bipasha Basu and Ritesh Deshmukh would get a big heartbreak.