John Abraham to get engaged in April

Bollywood hunk John Abraham is contemplating engagement in April 2012 most probably with his alleged girlfriend Priya Runchal, a financial analyst. John has not yet divulged who his ladylove is but it is highly speculated that Priya is the lady in question.

Couple of months back, John was spotted with Priya and played a very protective boyfriend. He escorted Priya to the event. It is heard that John and Bipasha broke up over marriage issue. Bips wanted to settle down but John was not ready for commitment then. If Priya is John’s ladylove then she deserves credit, Bips being John’s eight years long girlfriend failed to convince John for marriage and Priya has been able to convince Priya in a few months of friendship.

John is thinking about getting engaged to his supposed girlfriend in April and later this year, he will enter into matrimony.