John Abraham to bare all for No Smoking

John Abraham has set many hearts a flutter with his charming good looks and his well sculpted body. John is doing Anurag Kashyap’s film No Smoking and the shooting for the film has already begun. John has an extremely well toned body and has shown off his abs and muscles in films before. But now the actor is set to bare it all, full Monty style for No Smoking. This is definitely an extremely daring move on John and the filmmaker’s part.
According to sources the scene will show John exposing his backside and it is a vital scene in the film which is extremely relevant to the film. Director Anurag Kashyap confirms that John will be doing a nude scene saying “Yes we are planning a scene like that towards the end of the film. But I cannot reveal much about it right now.” The director has still to decide how he will manage to shoot the scene aesthetically and how much exactly John will reveal on screen. However Anurag claims that the scene is not merely to thrill audiences but is vital to the script and will define the climax.

The film has a very unusual theme and a very realistic approach. It revolves around a character who is a chain smoker but decides to quit in order to save his marriage. He undergoes treatment at a rehab center and experiences different things during his struggle to give up smoking. John is extremely excited about this role as it is completely different from what he has done before and even the storyline line of the film is unique and interesting. The scene where John bares all will be shot around December. Director Anurag is maintaining an online diary with the everyday working experiences on his film No Smoking. Here the director does some personal blogging regarding tidbits about his film as it has a sort of therapeutic effect. He plans to maintain this online diary throughout the making of the film and may even get John to share some of his experiences with other bloggers.

Recently an ardent fan of John was found giving out personal details about the actor’s lifestyle on John’s official website. It was only later that John and his marketing people realized that the fan was getting this information be peeping into John’s terrace apartment with the help of a telescope. John is amused that fans would go to such lengths to know about his life however he does intend to be cautious in the future as this action was too intrusive. John will soon be seen in a film Happy Birthday with Ash and also in Mahabharata epic with girlfriend Bipasha .