John Abraham suffers fracture, advised bed rest

Bollywood hunk John Abraham has suffered a hairline fracture while shooting an action sequence and was advised six days bed rest. After Force, John continued with action and while shooting a fight scene between him and Chetan Hansraj inside the jail premises, the actor suffers a hairline fracture on his foot.

"John has hurt himself badly. Three days back, we were shooting a fight scene between him and Chetan Hansraj inside the jail premises where they were beating up each other. This was a single-take shot and we had to get it right. At one point during the shoot, John had to do a somersault over Chetan's shoulder and that's when he pulled a hamstring," said director Sanjay Gupta.

The injury did not stop the actor coming to the set the next day to complete the sequence.

"He was managing the pain with sprays, but eventually it got really bad. The doctors have now advised him strict bed rest for six days and so we won't be shooting for the next week," added Sanjay.

John has some more action sequences to be shot and special precautious will be taken so they he does not hurt again.

"The technique involves a host of eight to 12 cameras capturing the scene and so there was no question of using a body double. John has also been insisting that he wants to do all the action himself, but I don't know if I can allow that. Once he is back, we have scenes that include him climbing on top of a moving bus. We are going to take precautions so that he doesn't hurt himself," said the director.

Just few days of shooting, John hurt his nose when a junior artist punched him by mistake, leaving the actor in acute pain.