John Abraham set to launch JA accessories and innerwear

John Abraham had two releases, No Smoking and Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal this year which did not do too well at the box-office. However John seems unfazed and the actor who recently celebrated his, 35th birthday on 17th December has already moved on. John had earlier launched his brand of John Abraham (JA) jeans. Now it seems he is all set to launch JA accessories and innerwear.
An excited John says "We will be launching JA accessories, like belts, caps, shoes and an underwear line. We have already come out with the vests but now we are slowly working on a range of innerwear called John Essentials. It’s amazing stuff." John prefers that his brand remains exclusive and that is why they are priced at a high range. John also likes to wear his own brand and he says "I wear my own clothes because I think I’m the best model for my clothes." He will also be modeling for his brand, be it his jeans, his accessories or innerwear as he is extremely proud of his brand. John claims that the strategy adopted to promote his exclusive JA jeans and essentials will be done through word of mouth since it is an exclusive and limited range.

John has had three fashion seasons where his brand was exhibited and all three were hits and sold out immediately. There are also limited and exclusive stores where John's brand is sold, to maintain the exclusivity. Apart from a men's line, there is also a JA women's line which has jeans, pedal pushers, racer backs, halter tops etc. The women's line too is extremely popular as John himself is quiet popular and has many women fans swooning over him. John takes active interest in all aspects of his brand from designing to promoting it. JA brand always maintains high standards and is fashionable. John says "JA stands for well-traveled, classic, retro, and very James Dean in terms of the look."