John Abraham’s upset with his colleagues backstabbing and bitching

John Abraham seems to be besieged by bad luck, first getting ill and being hospitalized, then having a bike accident, rumours about him and girlfriend Bipasha splitting and finally about him not getting along with his colleagues and throwing tantrums at the 'Rockstars' concert . John is extremely hurt that many of his colleagues are responsible for spreading these rumours and after hearing so many false things about himself, John finally decided to clear the air on many personal issues.
John is just back from the Toronto International Film Festival where he was present for the screening of his film ‘Kabul Express’, the film received a good response and John is extremely happy with the outcome. However John is extremely hurt that none of the people who have worked with him or know him stood up for him when all these rumours began circulating in spite of knowing the truth. Nonetheless he states “I don’t think my colleagues would ever badmouth me, they are sweet to me. I’d rather concentrate on what I see rather than what I hear.” John claims that though he has had some unfortunate incidents in his life recently he is undeterred and claims that such adversities only make him stronger.

However John continues to remain perplexed as to why some people in the film industry have a feeling of animosity towards him. He says “I’ve sensed the resistance towards me and my well being.” John also completely dismisses rumours of Bipasha and him breaking up saying “We are very much together and it’s time some people who are spreading these rumours move on to some other topic.” John also totally denies rumours of an alleged affair between Mallika Sherawat and himself . He says “These rumours are absolutely untrue but I wonder why there have been no denials from other quarters who should be more concerned about their reputation.” John is perplexed why the person whom he has been linked with, Mallika Sherawat continues to remain silent and chooses not to even deny these allegations.

John is also extremely upset that when things were being said about him misbehaving on the ‘Rockstars’ tour no one stood up for him, not even the promoters of the show who knew everything that was happening. He claims that he was simply made into a convenient scapegoat. John also claims that he would never demand anything more than he was provided with on the ‘Rockstars’ tour and he would simply never make comparisons with what other stars were provided with on the tour. John states “The people who accompanied me on the tour were completely disconnected with me. I don’t know why no one is speaking up for me. It was a difficult situation for me. People who are nice to my face are bitching about me behind my back. I know that some of my colleagues have been spreading rumours about me, but it really does not matter to me.”