John Abraham’s Hollywood film opposite actress Rachel Weisz

John Abraham will soon be doing Deepa Mehta’s Hollywood film Luna. The film is based on a real life story of an inspiring Julia Hill who was responsible from bringing about several changes in the environmental laws. John will be playing a full fledged role in the film opposite Hollywood actress Rachel Weisz. This will be the second time that John and Deepa Mehta will be working on an international project together after Water.
John, Deepa and the real life inspiration for the film Julia Hill had met at Cannes to finalise the project. Deepa says “I informed John about the Hollywood project with Rachel and he was very excited.” Deepa is forthcoming on John’s role in the film, she says “John plays an environmentalist in Luna, but he is not an Indian or an American in the film. His culture origins aren’t specified. This makes him bollywood’s first actor to crack the West without playing an NRI or some exotic creature. He has a full fledged role opposite Rachel.” John has also met with Julia Hill at the Cannes, who immediately approved of John doing the film. In fact Julia feels John has an international look akin to Hollywood actor Antonio Banderas.

The project was officially announced at the Cannes along with the director and actors. John was also promoting his other bollywood film Goal with real life girlfriend and actress Bipasha Basu at Cannes. John believes that actors from all over the world will soon blur out all boundary lines and crossover and do all kinds of international cinema. As for bollywood going international, John is optimistic about it but believes that it will take a few years. Apart from the typical commercial films, John is also a part of several ‘different’ films like No Smoking and Aashayein. He is interested to become a part of this new and changing genre of films in bollywood. Deepa and John’s last combination, the film Water was an Oscar nomination, well we’re sure John has his fingers crossed once more.