John Abraham rubbishes rumours of a tiff with Salman Khan

‘Rockstars’ concert has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. At the onset the concert was jinxed when Salman, the star of the show was imprisoned and there was wide speculation whether the show would take place or not. Next in line was concert member and actor John Abraham who had a bike accident and was injured. Finally when things took off and the ‘Rockstars’ worldwide concert began, there were rumours about a major tiff between Salman and Shahid Kapur. Then one of the final shows in London was cancelled due to a poor turnout and other legal hassles amidst organizers. Now that the concert is over, rumours of John Abraham’s tiff with senior actor Salman have surfaced.
However the rising star of bollywood John completely rubbishes rumours of his tiff with Salman Khan. John claims that he was never insecure about Salman’s popularity and in fact he was more than happy to go on the tour with a senior performer like Salman. John says “I have never felt more secure in my life than on this tour. There was so much to learn by watching Salman.” John also claims that he had a great time performing on this tour and that it surpassed all his expectations. Unfortunately though he could not perform his earlier choreographed dances due to his leg injury, hence a special act was designed for him with a couch.

John clears the air about his quarrel with Salman by claiming that Salman and he became fond of each other during the trip. John also claimed that Salman gave him a lot of guidance throughout the show, as he is a senior performer and has been on many tours before. John said “He’s a senior and I respect that.” John also claimed that he did not have any problem pooling in money for choreographers Bosco-Ceaser as they had done a good job. John says “In fact when these rumours started I was sitting with Salman and the rest of the cast calculating the money to be given to them.” John has not yet spoken to Salman about these rumours, but he is sure that Salman does not have a problem with him as there were no differences between them on the tour.

John is back from his concert and has already started shooting for his films, his leg is gradually healing, but he is still in a lot of pain. However John refuses to give up riding his bike, as he says “I live to ride. Riding is probably my first love and I am not going to give it up for anything in this world.” John’s films on hand are Ravi Chopra’s Babul, Kabul Express, a Karan Johar production and an Anurag Kashyap film. Well John certainly seems to have a full kitty right now.