John Abraham resumes smoking for a role in the film ‘No Smoking’

John Abraham had quit smoking a while back to live a healthier lifestyle, unfortunately when he agreed to do Anurag Kashyap’s film ‘No Smoking’ he didn’t know that once more the addiction of lighting up would hound him. Hopefully after the end of the film, John will manage to give up this terrible habit of smoking. In fact though the film is about non-smoking, the director and even his cast and crew are often seen smoking in between shots. Recently the producer of the film even imposed a Rs.500 fine on any member of the cast and crew who would be caught indulging in smoking. The film’s cast and crew then decided to donate the money collected from the fine to a charitable organization.
John says “Oh man, I’ve just been smoking and smoking for every shot, and I have to inhale the smoke too. I can’t just pretend to be smoking, it would show onscreen. I’d rather not do this role than fake it. The irony is I’m turning into a smoker for an anti-smoking film.” John is aware of the fact that he is doing several niche types of films and roles which target a more niche audience. However the actor says “I love sitting on the edge. I’m very secure about my career choices.” John also admits that no other lead actor wanted to do the film, but nonetheless this has not deterred him. John will be seen in the film opposite actress Ayesha Takia. There is also a buzz that John is set to bare it all for this film.

John will also host a reality show ‘John Aur Kaun’ which is a talent hunt for kids, the winner of the show will then play a role opposite John in his next film Goal, which is based on soccer. Bipasha Basu too will be seen opposite John in Goal. John says “I would love to see young kids play soccer in India and I would also love it if we could have an Indian soccer team.” John is extremely fond of kids and wants them all to play sports and be extremely active and fit.