John Abraham on Water being nominated for the Oscars

Deepa Mehta’s film ‘Water’ which stars John Abraham and Lisa Ray has been nominated in the final five of the Oscars in the best foreign film category. Water has been a film which has been in a lot of controversy back home in India. The film was earlier supposed to be made in Varanasi but due to several problems Deepa was unable to make it in Varanasi. Now Water is Canada’a entry to the Oscars and the film has managed to get a nomination at the Oscars. The film is based on Indian widows in Varanasi set in the 1930’s.
Water is one of the Hindi films that have done exceptionally well in the US and has managed to do well in terms of box-office collections too. However the film is still to release in India. It is slated to release sometime this year in India. John Abraham who is a part of the film says “I was ecstatic on receiving the news that Water has been nominated in the Oscars and congratulated my director Deepa Mehta immediately. The team is very excited and it’s a great feeling to be nominated.” However John is a bit disappointed that Water has still not been screened in India and was not India’s entry to the Oscars. John says “We must give credit to the Canadian government for sending it as their official entry to the Oscars. I only hope that India gets to see this film. It’s a great film and I’m sure the audience will appreciate it.”

Although Water has not been released in India yet, John is hopeful that the movie will be released soon and he says “I am very proud that a film based on an Indian subject has reached the final five at the Oscars.” John would not mind being part of the Water team at the Oscars as he holds this film very close to his heart. John’s performance in the film has been appreciated by many who have seen the film.