John Abraham injured his foot while playing football

John Abraham loves watching and playing football and the actor recently had a chance to indulge in his favourite sport while shooting for the film Goal as it is a soccer based film. Apart from the film being about his favourite sport, John has one more reason to smile and that is working with girlfriend Bipasha Basu in the film. The film has also been shot on several real life football grounds in the UK and John along with other players was trained by international football trainer Andy Ansah. The cast and crew of Goal were shooting in London, but unfortunately towards the end of the shoot John injured his shin and was in a lot of pain.
John was shooting for the climax scene which has an important match taking place when he hurt his foot. Director of the film Vivek says “John was on the field with all the other actors and that’s when he felt this sudden pain in his shin and fell down. We were working on this football scene for many days and he gradually though unknowingly injured himself seriously.” A doctor was immediately called in and since they still had to shoot, John had to undergo acupressure treatment. Later John also visited a physiotherapist to get better soon.

Vivek also added “The pain made him very uncomfortable as it also cold out there but we managed to pull through with the shoot somehow.” And it seems that there were some other actors who also injured themselves while playing, one actor had a shoulder injury while actor Raj Zutshi also injured himself. It seems like football is definitely no soft sport as it took its toll on the cast, let’s hope that the film is worth all the pain and trouble. No doubt girlfriend Bips took care of John after he injured his foot. The film Goal will premiere at the Cannes Film festival to be held later this month.