John Abraham has typhoid and Bipasha Basu has stress

The growing star, John Abraham was hospitalized at Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai (the same floor where Big B underwent surgery) on the night of December 7, 2005. Girlfriend Bipasha Basu was at the airport to receive John that day as he was returning from Afghanistan.
Bipasha is under a lot of stress these days as she is managing her own health, John’s sickness, her shootings and rehearsals for the MTV immies concert.

“John is fine,” said Bips, “The tests are done. The results will take some time. He is being treated for typhoid. I'm trying to juggle my shootings, concert rehearsals and the hospital. It's not easy since I'm suffering from a viral attack myself! In fact, John and I fell ill simultaneously just before he left for Kabul. At this point, I'm unable to come to terms with the sudden turn of events.”

Regardless of all the problems that Bipasha might have, she proved that she is a thorough professional on the sets of Madhur Bhandarkar’s Corporate. Nonetheless, Bhandarkar called for an early pack-up, seeing the level of stress Bips was in.

“She has been tense all day. But being a thorough professional, she didn't once let on that she was suffering. She has been working as usual all day. But she would withdraw into a shell after every shot. I hope for her sake John recovers fast,” said Bhandarkar.

We hope so too.