John Abraham celebrates birthday with wife Priya Runchal

On the occasion of his birthday, John Abraham takes his loving wife Priya Runchal on a birthday dinner. The loving couple was clicked by the paparazzi. John looked dapper in a blue tee and denim.

Priya stays in the US and John is India for their respective works. Their long distance relationship many a times gave rise to the rumour of their troubled marriage.

John Abraham once took to the social media to clear the air surrounding his troubled marriage.

“All is superb in paradise… to set the record straight. Everything is beautiful in paradise. It is not true. You believe all that crap. I just feel bad when people put out things. All is beautiful in (my) paradise,” John told PTI.

“I was doing a comedy film but I did not know that comedy was happening outside my life…just put all this rumours to rest…there is nothing happening. It is all superb,” he added.

During New Year Eve of 2013, John Abraham married his girlfriend Priya while vacationing in the US and post marriage he introduced his new wife on social media as Priya Abraham.

Currently, the two are living separately. Priya is an investment banker in US, while John is busy with his movies in India.

In a decent way, John Abraham denies breaking-up with Priya Runchal. John said he is unfazed with such report, “I don't even feel like talking about this any longer. I mean, how long can I even continue clarifying things? Every other day, there is some rumour or the other. Let people say what they have to. I'm tired of repeating what I've already said. I'm tired of justifying things, telling people what is true and what is not."

He further added, “It's all crap. I just want to dismiss all of these baseless rumours. Its release time, and people have no better work to do right now. I hope my words are more important than theirs, as far as my life is concerned. My film releases in a week. And I understand that we need to create stories right now, but this is so unnecessary. Let's just dismiss this. This is just not true. This is ridiculous. There is absolutely no truth to it. There's nothing wrong in my personal space, and I think that should be enough for all those who have been thinking otherwise”.