John Abraham and Salman Khan to lock horns

The Relation between Bollywood stars is of a volatile nature. You never know when deep friendship will turn into rivalry. New friendships and new feuds form almost every day in the industry. One such love-hate relationship exists between two macho men of Bollywood- Salman Khan and John Abraham.  News have come out that both stars are planning to make films on Gama Pehalwan, the legendary wrestler.

While Salman has entrusted Puneet Issar (Salman’s director in ‘Garv’) with his project, John has roped in actor-director Parmeet Sethi for his planned film. To make things interesting both the parties have said that they were planning their projects for long time and claim to register even the same title. In an interview with a leading tabloid, Puneet has said, "I have been working on the subject for five years. I registered the script in 2011 with the Film Writers Association. Even the titles ‘Gama’, ‘The Great Gama’, ‘Rustam-e-Gama’, ‘Pehelwan’ and ‘Great Gama’ are with us." On the other hand, Parmeet Sethi appeared very surprised to hear what Puneet had said, "I have been working on the subject for three years and the film will soon go on the floors. The titles that we have registered are ‘The Great Gama’ and ‘Rustam-e-Hind Gama’. I don't understand how two producers can register the same title."

It is reported that in John’s production, he himself will play the character of Gama while Salman’s brother Sohail Khan will be seen playing the wrestler in their home production. Gama Pehalwan (born Ghulam Muhammad, 1880 - 1963) also known as ‘the Great Gama’ was a famous wrestler of his era who won the world heavyweight champion after defeating many Indian and international wrestlers.

It will be interesting to see where this potential show-off between the two hunks goes. The two stars have a history of clashes and patch ups. During the 2006 ‘Rockstar’ concert series, they came head to head for the first time. Salman requested his co-performers to take a pay cut because the collections from the concert were not high enough. However John did not agree and earned Salman’s ire. But few years later it seemed that they have made up. John appeared in Salman’s TV show ‘Bigg Boss’ to promote one of his films. John also said to the media that their rivalry was overplayed. But while promoting his film ‘Madras Café’, John said that he did not like to perform unrealistic action stunts which many felt was a shot at Salman who is known for his superhero like action scenes in films.